Osseodensification - a paradigm shift in implant site preparation



Osseodensification is a novel biomechanical bone instrumentation method that allows the creation of an osteotomy without subtractive drilling, preserving the bone matrix contrary to conventional protocols.

This is possible due to drills specifically designed to rotate counterclockwise. Through this technique, it is possible to plastically expand the bony crest, creating a layer of compacted bone along the implant bed walls. Since it “pushes” the bone instead of removing it, osseodensification can be used for thin-crest expansion and for sinus elevation by crestal approach with high predictability and reduced morbidity compared to alternative techniques. Several authors also report that this technique may help to achieve higher values of primary stability and implant insertion torque, especially in low-density bone.

Osseodensification clearly represents a paradigm shift in implant site preparation, with several clinical advantages over conventional perforation procedures. In this presentation, the scientific evidence behind this concept will be addressed and several clinical cases illustrating the potential of the technique will be presented.

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